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Advanced insights and expert support when you need them.

As a national lab with one of the broadest specialty test menus available, we can meet your diverse testing needs, from the routine to the highly specialized.

Access our advanced solutions

We’re making advanced lab services and solutions more clinically accessible, actionable, and economical.

  • 1,000+ advanced tests, more than any other lab, including testing across specialties and each stage of care and management
  • Advanced and enabling technologies, informatics, and knowledge base to help inform treatment decisions
  • Clinically actionable germline and somatic panels based on professional guidelines
  • Comprehensive, integrated pathology reports that include the most current treatment recommendations
  • Companion diagnostics for guiding treatment
  • Continuing innovations that include tests and patient programs from clinical laboratory centers of excellence

Consult with our medical experts

Get the clinical decision-making support you need when you need it, from our team of MDs and PhDs, genetic counselors, and specialists.

  • Quest’s medical experts, genetic counselors, and HIV specialists offer additional clinical insights
  • 1.866.MYQUEST for our MDs or PhDs
  • 1.866.GENE.INFO for our board-certified medical geneticists or lab-based genetic counselors
  • 1.877.40.RXTOX for our toxicology specialists

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