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Understanding the role of inflammation in cardiovascular disease

Examining inflammatory markers may help sharpen your focus on risk

Inflammatory markers in cardiovascular health

Injury and the infiltration of LDL particles into the arterial wall, is only part of the cardiovascular disease (CVD) story. The inflammatory response to injury is a primary contributor to residual risk for cardiovascular events. Measuring inflammatory biomarkers in patients being treated for elevated LDL-C levels may provide deeper insight to help reduce CVD risk.

Download our white paper to:

  • Review the role of inflammation in CVD
  • Learn about the markers that may help sharpen your assessment of  inflammation—indicating risk for disease, disease presence, and disease activity
  • Find out what may be done to address inflammation in at-risk patients

Inflammatory markers may help physicians make more informed decisions on the next steps to address both injury and inflammation. Find out how in “Inflammatory Markers in Cardiovascular Health: A Quick Overview.”

Learn more about inflammatory biomarkers—and how they may help assess risk.

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