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Information Technology: IT Hardware, Application Software, Maintenance and Support, Telecom, Data Center Services and IT Outsourcing and IT Consulting, Printers and Copiers.
Collections and Consumable Supplies: Pre-Analytic Collection Devices and Supplies, General Laboratory Equipment and Supplies including all Safety Supplies, Client Supplies, Consumables including Woven Fabric Products, Labware, Chemicals and Laboratory Cleaning Supplies.
Professional Services: All Administrative initiatives including, but not limited to Human Resources Benefits and Services, Travel Services, Marketing and Communication Services, Printing Services, Compliance Services, Legal Services and Professional Consulting Services, Risk Management.
Real Estate and Facilities: Office Supplies, Industrial Supplies, Construction, Architectural Services, Janitorial Services and Supplies, Security including Guard Services and Hardware, Office Furniture, Lab Casework , Gases, Waste Management , Utilities, Uniforms, Cafeteria Services and Document Storage and Shredding, Facility Management, DI Water, Building Repair and Maintenance.
Logistics: Ground Fleet both Acquisition and Maintenance, Quest Air Aircraft Maintenance and Repair, Third Party Couriers, Specimen Packaging, Freight Forwarders and Lock Boxes.
Diagnostics Products and Services: All Laboratory Instruments and Test Equipment, Service, Reagents and Consumables for Diagnostic Testing and Specimen Accessioning Performed across all testing disciplines and all types of testing sites, inclusive of the Test Send Out.

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